Amber Grille Inserts

Posted by A. Turner via on 5/12/2017 to How To's
Amber Grille Inserts

A great write up for a commonly sought after mod. Head on over to for this and more great Toyota 4runner tips!

Here is a fun and simple mod that adds a bit of visual appeal and extra visibility to the front end of your rig. This little lighting mod is a great afternoon project for folks that do not yet have a lot of experience in electrical mods, as it is quite simple.

What you will need:

  • Amber LED Lights
  • About 10' of 16 gauge wire
  • An add a circuit
  • A 16 gauge, 3/8" ring crimp terminal
  • 16 gauge butt-splice crimp connectors
  • Flex loom to protect your wiring
  • Zip-ties
  • Let's start off by removing the (13) push button retainer pins holding the radiator cover. We will remove the radiator cover in order to gain access to the area behind the grille.

    Attach your lights to the grille. Zip-ties work great for this.

    Now for some wiring..... Each of your lights will have a red (positive) and black (negative) wire coming off of the back of it. What we want to do is connect all of the red wires together, and all of the black wires together, using your butt-splice connectors or solder. We will end up with a single red and single black wire to run back to our power source and ground. Be sure to put loom on all of your wiring to protect from abrasion.

    Run your wires along the driver's side fender, back behind the battery. Be sure to use some zip-ties to secure the wiring where possible. A good place to termiate your black wire to ground, is at this existing chassis ground. Install your ring crimp terminal and attach where shown.

    Continue to route your red wire back to the firewall, where you will find a rubber plug that can be removed. This will allow you to pass your wiring to the interior of the vehicle.

    Under the dash on the driver's side, you will find a fuse panel. We will be using the existing unused circuit shown below.

    Plug your add-a-circuit into the empty slot shown, and crimp your red wire from the lights to the pigtail on the add-a-circuit. Optionally, you can ground your black wire to the location shown vs. the chassis ground under the hood.

    That's it! Turn on the key and embrace the amber!