Huskey Weatherbeater™ Custom Car Mats (Front)

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Technical Details

  • FormFit Edge is a raised ridge that runs along the door jam, protecting your truck or SUV from all manner of mess
  • StayPut Cleats help keep the liner from shifting around underfoot
  • No Hassle Lifetime Guarantee
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Overview

    Don’t drive another mile with your carpet floors in peril. Protecting your vehicle’s floorboards not only ups the resale value but more importantly it keeps spills and smells from invading your daily driver. Built to withstand most harmful chemicals including oil, gas, and battery acid, you can trust Husky floor liners to withstand any mess your friends and family can create.

    Patented, hard-molded “nibs” ensure your precious cargo stays put, preventing any shifting or movement of the mats. Form-fit edges give your floor liners a refined look, while functioning to keep spills away from your floorboards. Offered for front and back seats, 3rd seats, center hump, cargo and trunk spaces, Husky WeatherBeater floor liners come in all shapes and sizes – in addition to your choice of colors. Installation is as easy as it gets, with no screws, bolts or fasteners.

    The team of engineers at Husky Liners uses the latest in laser scanning and design technology to ensure that each floor liner fits precisely to the complex contours of your floorboard, giving it the finished look you desire. Plus, your Husky Liner WeatherBeaters are made in the USA and come with a Lifetime Guarantee against cracking and breaking.

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